FAQs about our escape rooms

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Q: Can we add onto an existing group’s booking?

A: Yes you can… However, please realize that group dynamics are a funny thing.  If you and a friend jump into a larger group, you may find yourselves feeling like you’re not fitting in. It really just depends on the people.  We want everyone to have as much fun as possible.  To do this, we want to make sure your expectations are not out of line.  When it comes to mixed groups, please realize that every group is different.  Your fun will vary based on the dynamics of the other group.

Q: What ages is the room suited for?

A:  Our room is designed for anyone who is old enough to read the necessary material, can scavenge the hidden items, and can have the attention to be engaged in the fun for 90 minutes.  It is our suggestion that anyone attending be able to participate in the game, so small children may not have as much fun and we wouldn’t want any participants to not enjoy themselves to the fullest!

We’ve found that 13 year olds and up typically have the attention span necessary to add to the game-play.  Younger than that and they “seem” to not help as much as hinder, however every group is different.  You can bring in kids of any age, just have your expectations of the overall experience in mind when deciding whether or not to bring young ones.  🙂

Q: What to do when you don’t know what to do?

A: You may find yourself stuck on a puzzle, or in an activity you don’t want to do.  You may have just completed an activity and don’t know where to go next.  These are all things that can happen when you go through an escape room.  First of all, remember that this is all for fun.  Don’t panic or get worried.

If there’s a puzzle that you don’t want to do, simply hand it off to another player.  DON’T just drop it.  Your co-players may not realize that you did NOT complete the puzzle.  “Own” the puzzle until you’ve passed it off to someone else who can work on it.

Stuck on a puzzle?  Use your team!  This is a team building opportunity after all!  Find someone else who’s not actively engaged in a task and get their help and input.  Small groups of 2-3 people working on activities seem to be the best.  Don’t stick to a tough puzzle for a long time.  Get fresh eyes on it.  Get the whole team involved for something super-tricky.

Q: Is it Scary?  Will Zombies jump out and grab me?

A: No.  There is nothing scary in our escape room.  Nothing will jump out at you although, we can not guarantee what your own team mates may do. It’s up to you to tell them to mind their P’s & Q’s.

Q: I’m Claustrophobic, will I have any problems with your room?

A: No, as a matter of fact, we have one of the LARGEST rooms available (1000+ sq. ft) in southeast Michigan!  You will NOT be locked into anything. Your mission is to solve the puzzles in the allotted time. You are free to leave the room at any time, but it is a one-way trip.

Q: Physically demanding?

A: No. Our room is handicapped accessible.  Due to our larger-than-average size, there’s room for larger wheelchairs, power chairs or whatever extra equipment you may need.

Q: Waiver required?

A: Yes and it must be signed before the game begins. Save yourself some time – print and sign form before you arrive! Download your waiver here.

Q: What if I have another question?

A: No problem! Just send us an email at info@rush2escape.com or call us at (248) 742-5009.