Bank Heist Gone Wrong

Bank heist gone wrong escape room

Solve the crime in Bank Heist Gone Wrong

As new students of the Detective Preparatory Academy (aka Gumshoe U), we’re going to put you and your team right into the thick of things by sending you on a field trip to a bank heist gone wrong – terribly wrong! Teaming up with lead instructor, Sean Maxwell and armed with a list of suspects, you and your friends have limited time to find the clues, decode the codes and solve the case. Between the puzzles and ciphers, the plot thickens with some unexpected twists, turns and some serious office drama! Can you solve the room, and the crime before time runs out?

  • Challenging room for experienced players.  GREAT room for 1st time players!
  • A full 90 minutes to solve it
  • Extra large space
  • Handicapped Accessible


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