The Starship Experience (in Beta Testing)

Beta Testing Starting

[July 26, 2017]  Wow..  This has been a long project.  Update:  We are in BETA TESTING!  We need Beta testers to finish tweaking and tuning the experience.  To participate in this FREE beta test, please call Lee at (248) 383-5055 or email to get involved.  Currently the room is best with 6 players.


Quick pan-around Video:

A recent Beta Test group snippet:


[Dec 29, 2016]   The Starship Simulator has made good progress in the previous months…  We’re ready for a few groups of 6-8 to go through some beta-testing.  If you have a group of this size, send a request email to for further information.  Some pictures will be posted shortly…

Your crew of 4-10 must command a Starship along part of its epic journey through the cosmos…  Just like watching the crew of the  Enterprise on Star Trek.  Your group will be saying things like “MORE POWER TO SHIELDS!” ,  “FULL SPEED AHEAD!” , “Science, scan that object” and “Communications, request departure from space dock”.

This is a team-based, entertainment activity that can work with as few as 4 players, works best with 6 to 8 players, but can actually seat 10 people (no more).


Bridge Officer Roles

Here’s the Bridge Crew Officer Roles that are possible (with many missions):

  1. Captain
    1. Commands the ship for the mission(s) at hand
  2. Flight (Navigator/Helm )
    1. Take control of both impulse engines and warp jumping
  3. Tactical (weapons)
    1. This is the station that loads and fires Torpedoes and Energy Weapons
  4. Science (Scanners)
    1. Keep the Captain and the ship up-to-date with objects/ships/etc within your scanning range
  5. Engineering (Power, ship systems)
    1. Keep the Ships systems tuned to the best use of the mission at hand
  6. Comms (Communications)
    1. Contact the stations, ships and space dock’s in your mission area
  7. Damage Control
    1. Prioritizing ship repair crews
  8. Operations (1st officer
    1. Ship management, Galactic Library
  9. Other (Medical, Fighter Pilot, etc.)
  10. VIP (Observer, Dignitary, Trainee, etc.)

Some officers will be able to handle more than one Bridge Station at a time.  A minimum of 4 players will be needed to fly the ship properly.


Some interesting Features of the Bridge:

  • 10 Seats
  • 25 computer monitors
    • 16 are touch screens
  • DMX controlled lighting
  • Surround sound with Sub-Woofer
  • 16 keyboards w/touchpads (backup for the touchscreens)
  • Dedicated GameMaster (GM) to adjust the simulation and experience for maximum enjoyment.

Beginnings of a storyline and Bridge-Station training at (Just a rough draft. Everything subject to change without notice)

(Under Construction)